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Video Marketing for your winery or vineyard: It's not as painful as it sounds.

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Video Marketing for your winery or vineyard

Everything you need to know to get started, today.

Considering video marketing for your winery or vineyard? Start here.

There's a lot of fuss around video marketing and there's a good reason why. Branded video content is a fantastic creative avenue to connect with your customers and promote your business. Whether you're looking to sell more wine, attract more people to your cellar door or restaurant, build your wine club and email lists, host more private functions and weddings- video marketing could be the missing link in your marketing strategy. Yet, so few wineries are doing this well, if at all. 

Let’s start with some stats:

  • 70% of marketers say video produces more conversions than any other content

  • Facebook users watch 100 million hours of video daily

  • 82% of Twitter users watch video content

  • You Tube is the second largest search engine

  • 67% of millennials say they search for videos anytime they want to learn something


What do these stats tell us? People like video. They consume it. They remember it. 


Before anyone will buy your latest release of Chardonnay, visit your cellar door or sign up to your wine club, they need to know, like and trust you. Video does a great job of shortening these steps, warming people up before they step foot in your cellar door, click 'buy' or grab your latest release off the shelf at their local bottle shop.


Video marketing for your winery or vineyard: 4 key tips

  1. Keep it short- The most popular videos are between 2-3 minutes. Keep it succinct. People are constantly bombarded with marketing messages and we have shorter attention spans than ever. 

  2. Stay on brand- Use the same tone of voice and style as your web copy, email newsletters, social media posts and all other marketing collateral. You need a solid brand strategy before you start video marketing. 

  3. Keep it simple- Each video needs one focus. Don’t try to say everything about everyone, all at once. Communicate one idea. Answer one question. Keep things streamlined and focused.

  4. Add value- The general rule of thumb is 80% of your content should add value and 20% should be sales and promotion. So, how do you add value through video? You need to make sure it does one of four things...

Four things? What are these four things you speak of?


What's the purpose of your wine marketing video? You've got 4 choices.

1. Inform

'How to’ videos are incredibly popular. You're thinking, how boring, right? They don’t have to be dull! Ever wondered how to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew? Mirabeau Wines have had over 11 million views of their video answering this question. (He uses a shoe, by the way) Remember sabering? Mirabeau have another video showing us how to open champagne with a sword. But informative videos don’t just need to just be 'how to' styles. You can educate your audience by making informative videos about the wine region, your winemaking process, interviews with your winemakers or viticulturists and much more.

2. Inspire

Weddings are huge business for many wineries. Video is a great tool to promote the wedding services you offer to really paint a beautiful picture of how the special day will go. Alternatively, inspire your audience by detailing what the experience will be like when they visit the cellar door, restaurant, accommodation etc. Does your winery pride itself on providing a luxury getaway or fine dining? Celebrate it. Inspire people to book, visit, dine with a great video.

3. Entertain

Connect with your audience through great entertainment. Jordan wines have excellent examples of entertaining videos including a hilarious parody of the hit song, Despacito. Notice how Jordan Winery does a great job of showcasing the wine bottles, making sure they show the label up close so customers will recognise it on the shelf next time they're at their local cellar or bottle shop. Wine videos don't have to be boring- use your creative licence!

4. Engage

Wine marketing videos have the power to connect and engage with your customers, suppliers, members, and stakeholders. A video outlining the year’s vintage or environmental conditions, a snapshot of what goes on at the cellar door and behind the scenes in the restaurant are great ways to engage with your audience and customers.


Video marketing ideas for your winery or vineyard

  • Showcase your winemakers, owners, cellar door managers or chefs with interviews or video bios
  • Tell the story of when and how the winery or vineyard was established
  • Behind the scenes tour of the vineyard, bottling line, winemaking facilities, cellar door, restaurant or accommodation
  • Debrief or wrap up the current year’s vintage
  • Recipes from the restaurant or head chef
  • Upcoming events or festivals in the region or winery, or a re-cap of celebrations
  • Create a montage of weddings or private functions, including testimonials
  • Wine club videos- packaging, bottling, exclusive tastings or dinners, VIP releases
  • Helpful tips or guides on storing wine, serving wine and any other common questions the winery staff may get asked

To wrap up, I just want to reiterate one point. You need to stay on brand for your winery and vineyard. Stay true to your brand essence and tone of voice. Videos can be funny, entertaining, serious, helpful - whatever you want them to be. But you must stay on brand to make sure all your marketing efforts, across all channels, are cohesive.

Interested in video marketing? You might need a script. That's where I can help. Contact me here to talk about your creative brief and we can get the video copy rolling. You can view all copywriting services here.

I'd love to hear your tips, tricks and comments for video marketing in the comments below.

Thanks for being here,


Casey Elmer, Copywriter