How it works | It's pretty simple.

1. Project Proposal

After your email enquiry, we have a brief chat to nut out the project scope before I send through your project proposal. This outlines the project goals, objectives, description and scope. It will also outline the deliverables in detail, along with my fees, methodology and timings. Attached to the project proposal will be T&Cs. Nothing scary here! Just full transparency from the start so we can kick off your project on the same page. Once you decide to lock it in, I require the project proposal and T&Cs signed, along with a 50% deposit.

2. Creative Brief

The creative brief is a 1-hour consultation either over the phone or via Skype/FaceTime/Google Hangouts. This is a casual yet in-depth discussion about not only the project itself, but your brand, target market, tone of voice guidelines, unique marketing proposition, proof points, competitors and market insights. We'll also discuss any SEO queries or keywords, along with any other mandatory and support information I might need. Lastly, we'll agree on timings for the first draft, two rounds of amendments and the final deadline.

3. First Draft

I'll submit the first draft on the agreed date for your review. When it comes to reviewing the first draft, we're really focusing on structure and tone. Try not to get caught up in minor grammar issues at this stage. The first draft is crucially important to get the core aspects of the project spot on. I'll send you some questions and comments via email to help us dig deeper in finding out what's working and what's not. On submission of the first draft, I will send the invoice for the final 50% of the project fee. This ensures we're both committed to seeing the project through to the end.

Using track changes in Word, now is your chance to go through the first draft, leave comments or notes for edits and amends. Any changes made to the document I'll be able to clearly see in track changes. This is a really simple and straightforward process which ensures both parties can clearly see changes that have been made and areas that need to be re-worked. I offer two rounds of edits and amends on all projects, along with professional proofreading for web copy and blog content.

4. Edits and Amends

Voila! We did it. The final draft will be submitted on deadline with all changes, edits, tweaks, amends and proofreading complete. Give yourself a pat on the back. We've worked together to deliver a great project on time, on scope and on budget. Final draft is submitted and is free to publish after the final project payment has been made. Lastly, I'll send through a project sign off document and with that, an opportunity for you to offer feedback and (hopefully) a fantastic testimonial!

5. Project Signoff

I'm the SEO Copywriter in Sydney making your life easier. 

I'm looking forward to finding out more about your project.