Copywriting Portfolio

Browse a few samples of my latest copywriting projects.


My portfolio includes the following industries:

  • Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Design & Creative Agencies
  • Wine, Beer & Spirits
  • Food & Hospitality
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Health & Leisure
  • Finance & Banking
  • Tech Startups
  • Online Retail & Ecommerce
  • Luxury Services
  • Professional Services
  • Recruitment Consultants

I've also been published in, and contributed towards, various online and print publications for advertorials, editorials and professional bios and opinion pieces.


Copywriter-Sydney-Portfolio 1.jpg

Sail Business Loans

SEO Copywriting, Branding Essence, Content Strategy, Blogs, Editorials, Social Media, Website Copy and more.

 Sydney Copywriter Portfolio 9

Niche Lifestyle Management

Branding & Tone of Voice, Website Copy, Weekly Blog Articles, Keyword Research.

 Sydney Copywriter Portfolio 3


Email Marketing, SEO audit and branding reccommendations.

 Sydney Copywriter Portfolio 8

I Need Recruitment Solutions

Website Copy, Weekly blog articles and Keyword Research Report.

 Sydney Copywriter Portfolio 4

ZippiZap Balance Bikes & Scooters

Website Copy and Tone of Voice Guidelines, Keyword Research.

 Sydney Copywriter Portfolio 7

Miss Bold Design

Website Copy & SEO Optimisation

 Copywriter Sydney Portfolio 6

Revoir Online Designer Clothing

Keyword Research Report and SEO recommendations, weekly blog articles.

 Sydney Copywriter Portfolio 5

Southern Belle Concierge

Email Marketing, Brochures and Marketing Collateral.